The Things That Always Have To Be Included In Wedding Cards

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The Things That Always Have To Be Included In Wedding Cards

An Indian wedding is a place to harmonize and celebrate the unity of the coming together of not only the man and the woman, but their families as well. It is contrary to the popular belief that marriage isn’t such a private affair when it comes to India. Everyone gets involved, even if they are not closely connected with the concerned people. So, there is a need to invite many people at these weddings. Thus, there are wedding invitations that are sent out, and there are mostly in the form of cards.

What Does A Card Signify?

A card has all the details that is needed to be known. It contains the names of the bride and the bridegroom, their educational qualification etc. it also has a brief history about the families and the background of the families. Along with this, it consists of other details of the wedding. It consists of the date, time, the venue of the place where the wedding is happening. It also consists of a small map to assist the person who is travelling.

What Are The Different Types Of Cards That Are Out There?

Time has passed, and so have the invitation cards that are being given out. With the evolution, the cards are no more just leaves that are being handed out, but are rather cards which are well thought about. There are specific details that are put into the cards which make it look attractive. There are pictures of gods, which are put in order to get in the religious aspect of the people.

What Are The Various Materials That Are Used For The Making Of Cards?

Usually an average Indian makes the invitation card printed on various types of paper like the handmade paper, the crushed paper, or even the combination of paper and cloth. The detail of the bride and the groom is written on them with intrinsic colourful designs on the other side.


The rich and the more affluent spend more on the cards, and they make them unique. Some make them of glass sheets where the photos of the bride and the groom are printed with all details of the occasion. Some even make them of silver and bronze, and the details are embossed on them. Many rich people of the country make them in various designs from different metals, and even gold plated the cards attaching gems and stones to make them more beautiful. They are like a memento to be treasured by the guests and remember the grandeur of the wedding.

Is The Making Of The Invitation Cards A Costly Affair?

The costs of Indian wedding cards depend on the materials used to make them. They can start from a few rupees each and go up to thousands and lakhs. It all depends on the budget and the financial capability of the families of the bride and the groom. Irrespective of the costs, the wedding cards in India is marked as a symbol of custom and tradition and honoring the guest with the request to bless the couple to have a happy marital life.

Where Can One Get These Wedding Cards?

One can get a variety of Indian wedding cards in designated markets where all customary items required for the wedding is available. Also, the families can order them online surfing through the various websites and selecting the choicest one as per budget. The rich and the affluent often turn on the doors of the gems and jewellery store or the memento makers to make them unique. In modern times, many Indian wedding is organized by event management companies, and they also put forward the suggestions to the client and design them on their behalf considering the main theme of the wedding.

Irrespective of the religion, it is customary, although not compulsory to have the image of the Lord that one believes to be printed on top. Many families print some verses of the holy religious books of the faith that one follows. They are considered to bring good luck to the couple in waiting and have prosperous, happy married life.


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